Who is Ugur Celik


This is a biography of someone who started as a hobby to take photography, turned this hobby as a job. 

This is myself.

My name is Ugur Celik. I was born in Linz, Austria in 1990.

Besides the profession that I have my second job is wedding photography and videography what makes me really happy and the really me!

This job is never a job for me that I have to start every morning at the same time.

I always enjoy taking fotos because I can combine my creativity with my imagination and immortalize weddingdays which are the most special day of people.

I started Photography in year 2014 autumn. My first jobs coming very early and this was a good chance to prove my creative photos.

I take fotos and videos in many different branches but wedding photography and videography are the most enjoyable parts for me.

Wedding has a big importance for everyone and everyone wants this day to be perfect and unforgettable and this is our job.

We immortalize the moment with the photos we take and we make it unforgettable with the videos we record.

Photographers and videographers are the ones who spend the most time with the bride & groom on this special day.

They are always with the couple, from the hairdresser in the morning to the end of the wedding at night.

I think this is what makes it so indispensable for me. I see gladness in the eyes of people

while immortalizing beautiful moments and this is priceless.

Besides wedding photo- & videography, i record images films, advertisement clips, music videos, new born films/photos, family portraits & more. Shots in different branches can be taken.

Our new project is give our experiences to other photo- & videographers.

I organize portfolio shootings & Workshops in other countries.

You will see the informations on my BLOG.


I wish you all the best in Photography and hope to meet you in the future.

Good Bye